How do you buy new shoes? Do you go for looks or comfort? Here are a few tips to consider before you make your footwear purchase.

  • Wear running socks when buying a new pair of running or exercise shoes
  • For those who walk as exercise, shoes should be replaced roughly every 6 months. For normal use, sneakers should be replaced every year.
  • Have your right and left foot measured separately. Your left and right foot are most likely not the same size and may change in size over the years
  • Save your shoe shopping and foot measuring for the end of the day when your feet are likely to be larger.
  • If you order shoes online and they don’t fit perfectly upon arrival, you should immediately return or exchange them for another size. Don’t wear the ill-fitting shoes outside.
  • Most shoe manufacturers have their own size range and you should make decisions on what feels best for your feet
  • A pair of good shoes, guard the feet from elemental damages such as damage from germs, dust, ice, water, and other such forces. Good shoes often prevent injuries and falls, and decrease the friction produced between the ground and the feet.
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  • Soles that are completely flat can cause feet to roll inward when walking